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Our Purpose

The information provided on Cluster Headache Help is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

Site Modification and Updates

This site was last modified in March 2008.


The creation of the information portion of this site began in the summer of 2001 with a group of volunteers who were looking for a way to provide information about cluster headache to sufferers and their families, friends, coworkers, and others. Someone suggested a printed newsletter that could be mailed to those who had no Internet access. It was a fine idea, but we did not have the funds needed to provide this service.

Another volunteer suggested we create a comprehensive web site dealing with all the ways cluster headache affects our daily lives. His idea was to determine which questions concern "clusterheads" and then to find articles online that answered these questions. The format of this site is based on his concept.

The self-appointed group spent months scouring the web for articles by scientific researchers, respected medical professionals, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and reputable commercial sites which offered the desired material. They sifted through their findings and chose the most authoritative and pertinent links. They also sought articles from fellow sufferers who have provided helpful hints regarding insurance problems, experiences with various treatments, and ways of surviving attacks when no medication was available.


New links and features are added frequently as we endeavor to offer the best and most comprehensive cluster headache (CH) material available. We hope the search engines, links to other headache sites, and personal contacts will help cluster headache sufferers find the specific information they seek.


A major objective was to make our site easy to navigate. Sometimes those people searching for information about headaches are in great pain. Some are not proficient at navigating complex commercial sites.

We describe each link fully so that the visitor knows exactly what is offered. Generally, one click is all that is needed to access the material. There is no need to navigate through many sub-menus to find specific information. We check frequently for broken links to insure our visitors will find the material promised.


There are some concerns of cluster headache sufferers which are not fully covered on the web. And often the patient needs contact with someone who understands this pain on a personal level. Each sufferer is an individual with slightly different symptoms and unique circumstances. The Self Help section contains personal experiences and opinions offered by veterans of this ailment. It is not meant as medical advice: rather, it is simply one means of communication among sufferers. Comments about and additions to this section are gratefully accepted.


We have also included three pages of credits. Visitors who wish to navigate independently will find links to the start pages of the links represented. This is our way of recognizing and thanking these sites for their offerings; and it serves as a means of providing our visitors access to additional material.

Thank You

In addition to all the "clusterheads" who lent their time and talents to this site, we have found many friends among professional webmasters and online services offering free scripts and tutorials.

The community of professionals devoted to creating quality web pages is a friendly and helpful one. Their sharing of technical information and suggestions for improvement in design and navigation have contributed immeasurably to the success of this site.

Last modified: March 2008

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