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Most of the material offered in the links below relates to migraine or tension headaches in children because these ailments are much more common than cluster headache in young people. Below the links you will find some essays by sufferers whose CH began in childhood and by parents of children with CH.

Anyone having experience with childhood CH or knowledge of research about this is invited to contribute to this page.

Essays about Children with Cluster Headache


  "I know that cluster headaches are very rare in young children, but I believe my son began having them at the age of 3."

An adult sufferer recalls:

  "what I remember mostly was the effort and deep thought put into trying to stop the pain. I can remember waking up, starting to cry and then the urge to fight came..."

New Inquiry - March 2008:

A father asks:   I am not sure if this of any use to you but I am a 40 year old Australian male who suffers from CH. However, I now believe my daughter who is now 7, has suffered from CH since about the age of 3.

She would tend to get what she called a dizzy spell when she was younger, to now a pain in her eye and forehead around the same time each night not long after she has gone to bed. She would be constantly thrashing around until the episode had run its course. A paediatrician diagnosed migraine pain, but looking at it now after just having a recent 9 day attack myself, I believe that what she has experienced on a number of occasions is a CH. She has not had any since our last Spring.

As I understand how painful a CH is, I am concerned for my daughter if in fact this is what she has, particularly as it appears that it is uncommon in minors.