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January 2002 - Teri Robert of About.com discusses "Headache/Migraine Care: As it SHOULD Be"

  "Headache specialists and clinics can offer the best care..."

"Choosing a Doctor"

  This long and comprehensive article deals mostly with finding the type and quality of primary doctor you need but also has tips on emergecy care and referrals. (Choosing a Doctor. Your Guide to Choosing Quality Health Care. AHCPR Pub. No. 99-0012, December 1998. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research)

"Time for a New Doc?"

  Teri Robert, About.com Headache Guide, suggests, "It's time to talk about when and why to go to a new doctor, how to choose one, and how we can help our doctors help us."

Pain Clinics Search at Pain.com

  Do you need to find a pain specialist or pain clinic in your area? On this page just choose your state, province, or country and click "begin search." The Dannemiller Foundation lists hundreds of pain specialists and pain clinics worldwide. The complete mailing address of each is included for your convenience.

Also, this newly-revised site offers many articles about pain - some dealing with cluster headache.

Working with Your Doctor

What is a Neurologist? - The Neurological Exam - The NeurologyChannel.com™

"A neurologist is a special type of physician who diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system..."

The Neurological Exam - The NeurologyChannel.com™

   "The neurological exam is a series of simple questions and tests that provide crucial important information about the nervous system of the patient..."

"Guide to Visiting a New Doctor"
"Forms to Assist with Emergency Care"

  Teri Robert offers a physician form verifying migraine (or cluster headache) diagnosis that can be reproduced on your doctor's letterhead and filed at your emergency room.

Last modified: March 2008

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