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Cluster Headache Description

What are the symptoms of cluster headache? How is CH diagnosed? How does it differ from migraine headache?


What type of medications are prescribed for CH? Are there adverse side effects?


Is there a special treatment for CH? How about surgery to relieve the pain?

Find and Work with a Doctor

How do I find a doctor who understands CH? How do I explain my pain? How do I prepare for the first visit?

Self-help Measures

What can I do if I have no medications when an attack starts? Try these suggestions from fellow sufferers.

On the Job

My boss does not understand my head pain. He says I am missing too many days from work.

Legal Rights

Read about the Americans with Disabilities Act and suggest links to information about similar laws in other countries.


Some of my medications are very expensive. If I am not working, how can I pay for my treatment?


What if I have insurance, but the company will not pay for the expensive prescriptions I need?


Can I get on disability due to cluster headache? What government regulations apply?

Children and CH

Do children get cluster headache? Little information has been published on this topic.

Alternative Treatments

Are there effective alternative treatments for CH? None of my medications have helped my headaches very much.


Finding the cause and best treatment of cluster headache is a priority goal for some headache researchers. See the latest information about this vital topic.

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Last modified: March 2008

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