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Custer Headache Questionnaire

The comprehensive cluster headache questionnaire which we published online for several years is no longer available.

It was offered in 8 international languages, and we received more than 700 responses. The survey contained approximately 100 questions about the frequency, duration, and severity of attacks; the effectiveness of various treatments; and the problems affecting sufferers. We thank all those who spent time and effort filling in the questionnaire and believe that their contribution to cluster headache research was worthwhile.

The responses we received were anonymous: each respondant created a 5-digit code for himself. We have retained these responses in our offline files. They have not been collated or organized to any great extent, but they contain a wealth of anecdotal information. We feel this is valuable data because doctors generally diagnose cluster headache by the patient's description of his symptoms.

Any medical researcher (professional or student) who wishes to view these questionnaire responses may do so by contacting us. (Click on the "contact us" link at the top right of this page.)

This page last modified: 2006