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The self-help measures described here are provided by CH sufferers and are based upon their own personal experiences. These suggestions are not intended to serve as medical advice. We cannot vouch for their efficacy or their safety. In fact, some of these methods of dealing with pain could be harmful or dangerous for certain individuals. Check with your doctor before trying any of these measures.

Suggestions for Easing the Pain of a CH Attack

Application of Pressure to Ease Head Pain

  Pressing blood vessels in the head sometimes eases the pain of an attack.

Using Cold Saline Solution to Abort an Attack

  See this tip as an alternative to Imitrex injections.

Application of Lidocaine Ointment

  Read what one sufferer says about his use of lidocaine to ease or abort an attack.

Annemarie's Collection of Self-Help Measures

   Contributed by many cluster headache sufferers; collected by Annemarie.


  Dania's experience with this "natural" remedy.

Bike Your Clusters Away

  An enjoyable means of stopping a cluster attack.

Is It CH or Rhino-Facial Pain?

  Check this out.

Strenuous Exercise Helps Some

  While exercise can increase pain in some sufferers...

Circulatory Feedback

  Charlie Strand shares Dr. Wright's method of aborting or easing a CH attack.

Applying Heat to Soothe a CH Attack

  A long-time veteran of episodic CH explains several different methods of applying heat to ease or abort a CH attack.

Hints from Ted

  Several methods that have worked for him.

CH and Hypoglycemia

  One sufferer's experience with managing hypoglycemia as a remedy for CH pain.

Last modified: March 2008